Bamboo Caddis Vibe Shirts

Bamboo Caddis Vibe Shirts


A lightweight shirt for those warm, summer nights of caddis fishing. The Caddis Vibe shirt is available in either long sleeve or short sleeve. If you would prefer more solar protection and warmth, we suggest going with the long sleeve. 


Warning: Fish often mistake the Caddis design on the shirt for a natural insect. If you're fishing during a caddis hatch and a fish launches out of the water and hits your back, we are not responsible in any way, shape, or form if injury does occur. 

Two custom flies on the house?
Forest Trees


As a company whose mission is to protect and conserve the waters fly anglers rely on for their passion, we hold sustainability as an utmost priority. This is why all of us our shirts are made from bamboo. In the manufacturing process, bamboo uses a minimal amount of water compared to other fabrics and requires no harmful pesticides or chemical finishes that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere and waterways.


The essential material qualities to make 

your day on the water even better


UPF 50+




Made with Sustainable Materials:
Bamboo Viscose
Organic Cotton

MOSOtech 160gsm: 52% organic cotton / 43% bamboo viscose / 5% elastane

Spreading fly fishing culture by designing hip and versatile fly fishing apparel for the new generation of fly anglers and for people drawn to the passion and style of fly fishing; stewarding our waters though conservation efforts and the incorporation of a sustainable business model; inspiring other to find their flow by spreading awareness of this ideal conscious state. 


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