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  • James Carlin

Flow Thoughts

Flow Thoughts will become one of our recurring blog features. The purpose of Flow Thoughts is, well, to literally share our thoughts on fly fishing. Hope you enjoy.

Fly fishing is being culturalized by a new wave of anglers. Fly fishermen (and we intentionally say fishermen) were once stereotyped as old guys’ wearing tweed and smoking cigars. THAT ERA IS LONG GONE. The number of anglers has soared in the past decade; people from just about every demographic are taking to the water and transforming fly fishing into a hip, youth oriented 21st century culture. Instead of tweed clothing, these anglers wear flat brims and stylish, performance-oriented fishing apparel (So Fly...wink, wink).

So what is driving this surge?

Fly anglers are some of the most passionate people on the planet. No matter one's position in life, bonds among anglers tend to happen fast. A shared respect for the outdoors and love of the sport certainly play a role in this connection, but on a deeper level it's the understanding that “these people get me and share my passion.”

YouTube and Instagram and TikTok are 'off the water places' that are fueling this fly fishing culture broadening its reach among anglers and non-anglers alike.

@loonoutdoors, @flyfishingfilmtour, @flylords

Fly fishing is an infinite game with no endpoint. As many can attest, fly fishing is not solely about catching fish; it’s about the moment (more about this on another blog). But catching fish is vital, and new technologies are pushing the limits of what's possible. Fish thought to once be uncatchable on the fly are now routinely netted by anglers (Marlin... Arapaima...anyone?). Yet for all the technological advances and innovation, it's the inner drive and commitment by anglers whose passion drives them to pursue "uncatchable fish" in some of the most remote places on earth.

Lastly, for many fly fishing becomes a healthy addiction. On one hand, the thrill of hooking and landing a fish, especially a large one, creates the desire to land one more—often resulting in many extra hours on the water. On the other hand, the heart dropping sensation of losing a fish can only be remedied by actually netting the next one...whenever that may be. Either way, this is how people literally get 'hooked' on fly fishing.

Until next time,


Founder So Fly

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