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At the core, So Fly is all about passion. A passion for fly fishing. A passion to protect and conserve our waterways. And a passion to live in the moment. It is the fusion of these passions that shape our purpose and define our mission: 

“Spread fly fishing culture beyond the waters, steward the rivers, and inspire others to find their flow”

Spread fly fishing culture 

In the last decade, fly fishing became far more popular among youth and millennials who are drawn to the sport because of its literal immersion in nature, as well as the pure excitement and entertainment it has to offer. These young anglers are shaping a new culture around fly fishing. This fly culture attracts new ideas, techniques, products, and companies into this evolving world. Because of social media, anglers from all over the world can connect with each other and share their personal experience of fly fishing--from the bugs they're tying to fish their catching. So Fly exists to serve the youthful fly fishing enthusiasts who are shaping fly culture, as well as people who don’t fly fish, but who would be attracted to the style and passion of the sport. 

Steward our waters

The health of our waters is as critical to fish as it is to human beings. For fly anglers, it’s essential. This gives reason to our second mission--a commitment to stewardship. Stewardship means two things to us. First, we uphold conservation practices where they exist and advocate for conservation in wildlife areas where it is not present. This is achieved  by our future handbook titled the Conscious Angler which shows anglers how they can be catalysts for positive change. Second, we are conscious and diligent in our efforts to operate our company at all levels in a sustainable manner. From the materials we use in our apparel to the hang tags on our clothes, sustainability is our priority. 

Inspire others to find their flow

Flow is an optimal state of consciousness where your mind and body feel and perform the best. In the flow state, one typically experiences a complete sense of calmness, concentration, absence of time, and total absorption in their activity. Fly anglers experience flow routinely. What better way to get in flow than physically standing in the flow of the river? At So Fly we endeavor to take the fly fishing experiences of flow into our daily lives.


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Spreading fly fishing culture by designing hip and versatile fly fishing apparel for the new generation of fly anglers and for people drawn to the passion and style of fly fishing; stewarding our waters though conservation efforts and the incorporation of a sustainable business model; inspiring other to find their flow by increasing awareness of this ideal conscious state. 


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