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Backstory continued 

I found myself quickly getting drawn into the world of fly fishing; I read every book or magazine I could get my hands on, listened to podcasts, watched countless YouTube videos, in addition to the weekly tying and fishing sessions with Guy. Several months later, I created my first custom fly pattern called the DB Nymph. The DB Nymph is a Zebra Midge variant with two beads (which makes the fly sink quicker). Lets just say that the DB crushed it, and it became a staple pattern in many of Ketchum's guide’s fly boxes.


Lost River Outfitters, a local fly fishing shop, placed my first fly order for 2 dozen DB Nymphs. This “big little order” led me on an entirely new path as I found a way to meld fly fishing and business into one. I founded my Big Wood Flies at the age of 13. I sold my custom flies through my website, as well as to local guides and outfitters. The founding of Big Wood Flies marks the point when my passion for fly fishing transitioned from a hobby to a lifestyle. 

In 2018, my passion opened up an entirely new opportunity as I was invited to the United States Youth Fly fishing team’s national competition in North Carolina to compete for one of a handful of spots on the team. I had a few good days of fishing and was invited to become a member of the team.

Being on the US team, I am fortunate to connect and spend time with the top youth anglers in the country, in addition to the talented coaches--some of whom are currently or were on the adult US Team.

Starting in the spring of 2019, I produced my first online course called Modern Nymphs; a seventy four page detailed guide to developing a Euro Nymph fly box, fly selection, and Euro nymph Fly tying. Part of my inspiration for the course was to discover a way to share some of the knowledge and techniques I learned as a member of the US Team.

For the last couple of summers I have been able to work for Terry Ring, the owner of Silver Creek Outfitters, in Ketchum, ID. 


One of my first Cutthroat trout: 14 years old 


US Youth National competition in Bryson City, NC: Session 2 on the Lower Nantahala River 

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